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About MSK

MSK Life Clinic Foundation is a Mind Set Knowledge Process Management & Human Performance development consultancy organization in India. Our services reach all over India &Abroad to more than 500 reputed Education Institutions &Corporate Industries.

MSK aim is to provide life development consultancy services, training, and therapy from child to professionals, individuals to industrials.

MSK Life clinic foundation is Mind Partner with our clients because we work together with Individuals (Child, student, parents, couples and families) Institution (academic, behavior, and employment fitness), and Industries (people, production, sales, services, marketing, profit), to develop their own life resources with social-personal fulfillment.

MSK (Mind Set Knowledge) human life development theory is “Human life can be developed by modifying their preconscious, unconscious mind set and predisposed unrealistic knowledge”

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Founder CEO & Corporate Psychologist
World First Mind Set Knowledge Theorist and Development Consultant

CEO MSK Profile :

MSK MUHAYUDDIN has been a passionate Advocate of applied Mind Set Knowledge (MSK) psychology to improve the Childhood life to professional life.

MSK MUHAIYUDDIN is popularly well known as MSK.

MSK - Mind Set Knowledge is his invention about Human Life system it become initial as MSK.


MSK MUHAIYUDDIN has addressed Conferences, workshops, Television Shows, and Radio, Provided lectures and training in multiple forums including educational intuition& industries. He has addressed more than Five Lakh People (at group training) and 1.25 Lakh people (at individual therapy) in India and abroad.

MSK MUHAIYUDDIN is a Psychologist and also completed researches on.

MSK MUHAIYUDDIN passion for human life improvement is inspired him to start clinic for Life (2000) collaborating with his own MSK theory and formula (Mind Set Knowledge).

MSK Life Clinic is Indian first clinic to improve human Life without drug by modifying their MIND SET KNOWLODGE to develop the individual’s Educational, Economic, Social status and Healthy mind, as well as to improve Industrial productivity with mutual profit.

MSK Life Clinic Foundation also registered as trust (2008), our aim is to sustain long term association with our clients. And also to become part of their Life growth journey with Reliable & confidential manners.

MSK MUHAIYUDDIN research continues in using more Minds Set Reorganizing & Knowledge Replacing Therapeutic Training with more humanistic nurturing nature.

MSK is world First Knowledge re-placement & Knowledge Re-organizing solution provider.

MSK Methodology :

We use our MSK mind process to vibrant the speed of learning and to identify the skill gab in life. MSK strongly practicing customized learning with therapeutic solution. And also we use “scatter” technique that means do not in liner order it is in non-linear psycho-logical order to stimulate the mind processing and this will intend to assist individuals” internalization “for growth.

MSK Sensory stimulation :

MSK Professional “Mind Partnership” Approaches :

Internationally Professional coaching can be defined as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. This process helps clients dramatically improve their outlook on work and life, while improving their wining leadership skills and unlocking their real potential.

MSK life clinic foundation is INDIAN First CLINIC for Life to modify & Re-organize the human mind functions, ranging from processing speed to executable functions such as coordination with planning, appears to the most mutual benefit to the employee and organization with social context.

MSK Human performance development training and therapy based on cognitive domains: intelligence, speed of information processing, psychomotor efficiency, visual and sustained attention, cognitive flexibility, and visual perception.

Psychomotor efficiency training and therapy: Helps to assess cognitively demanding information processing to complete project or tasks, and speed of information processing to measure reaction time, and motor speed to assess basic manual motor activity.

Cognitive flexibility training : It enhances the ability to shift concepts and problem solving strategies; visual perception, which is the ability to accurately perceive visually, presented information and language.

MSK Co-work-We work-“Human performance Development” life learning Theory

MSK Life Clinic Foundation is aim to sustain long term association with our clients. Also aim to become part of their Life growth journey and be a Reliable & confidential Mind Partner.

“MSK” for Child to Chairmen and college to Corporate
MSK Kids to Kingdom by MSK Kingdomological Theory
“MSK” WELCOMES YOU AS A ”MIND PARTNER” for your Global Growth

MSK Life Clinic Foundation achievements :

MSK-Student’s level :

More than 1.25 Lakh students from pre KG to Professional level, and also their performance remarkably improved from 10% to 90% (marks & grades) at Educational as well as their Behaviors to the Socio- Family Responsive Manners.

MSK-Educational institution levels :

More than 347 school and collage academic results are improved along with cultural behaviors fitness. We work along with kids, child, school students, collage students, parents, teachers, lectures, managements to build better mind system.

MSK-Industrial levels :

More than 175 Industries in their Production, services& Profit improved Including MNCs, Industries, companies, , CEO, Top middle & bottom management, Staff, Marketing people, sales force, Workers including Drivers.

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