MSK for College Students

MSK - AIM Training & Therapy :

Adults Intellectual Mentoring (AIM) Training and Therapy :

We experienced following student issues from our past 14 years of clinical consultation with more than 80, 0000 students and parents.

Mind management training &therapy for School or college Refusal students :
  • Withdrawal from Medical & Engineering courses, fault finding attitude.
  • Life style oriented Depression (Negative Thinking) or fear to go collage
  • Study coping based Anxiety, Restlessness, Panic Attacks/fear of failure
  • Lack of academic skill, Mood swings, Irritability, Anger/Aggression Issues
  • Attitude of -I know all. Or Peer status skill Comparing or low attitude
  • OCD- Repeatedly getting same thought/Actions/ repeated washing or checking.
  • Parent’s separation distress/ Tension/ Restlessness/Indecisiveness/very shy.
  • Marital thinking, Family crises & Relationships Problems. Hostel Withdraw
  • Ego-related conflicts, Sexual Deviation, Identity and Adjustment Problems.
  • Aggression, Impulsivity, Anger Management Problem, High Risk Taking
  • Relationships issues related life problems and concerns.- Like fear of rejection
  • Failure in love relationship, Peer pressure or suicidal thought. Or fighting behaviors
  • social anxiety Problems-Inability to face the unknown people /Loneliness /depended
  • Memory, Concentration, Decision Making & low language skill problems.
  • Personal performance development Personality training : Language skill development, Public Speaking, Leadership ability, Low level Emotional Adjustment with friends& teachers, Low level self Motivation , communication development, Interpersonal relationship, self work performance or Aversion training for Alcohol and substance abuse and de- addictions therapy
  • Unexplained aches & pains, stammering - Somatoform Disorders.
  • Tendencies of being excessively emotional towards events/situations/others.
  • Dissatisfaction and Unhappiness with own life & others life.
MSK for Personality Behavior Gym :
  • Fixed idea or obsession
  • Delusion of grandeur –imaging himself as great powerful man –he know all things
  • Delusion of persecution –imaging himself as unskilled .unworthy man –he don’t know anything’s
  • Delusion of hypochondrias –believing and complaining as affected incurable diseases.
  • Delusion of melancholia- feeling deep rooted guilt feeling and punishment
  • Increased psychomotor activity- persistently engaged movement, shouting, whispering.
  • Decreases psychomotor activity –slow down activity
  • Abulia –hesitation and indecision
  • Catalepsy -Rigidity in own decision never change
  • Amimia –can not able to express own thought
  • Ecopraxia –behaves in a manner opposite to that requested
  • Apathy –decreased affection where one feels neither happy nor sad
  • Euphoria – extreme happy no care worry about even family situation
  • Sociopaths- -feeling superficial charm. ego centric, irresponsible behaviors, complete absence of shame and guilty ,defective social relationships, unable to express love and affection to the others even family members.

Special MSK consultation to the Medical, Engineering, Polytechnic, Arts collages Students to pass Arrears exam.