MSK for Corporate Life Management

Corporate quality of life management consultation :

Corporate MSK consultancy contributes to an organization’s success by improving the performance, satisfaction, safety, health and well-being of its employees and employers

The 'Quality of Working Life' report published by the Chartered Management Institute and Workplace Health Connect uncovers a high number of psycho physiological symptoms and highlights the impact these have on business, Productivity, performance.

Key findings of the report were :
  • Anger and mood: 43% admitted to feeling or becoming angry with others too easily
  • One third (31%) confessed to a loss of humor creating workplace pressures.
  • Muscle tension and headaches: More than (55%) complained of muscular tension or physical aches and pains. 44% said they experienced frequent headaches.
  • Tiredness and insomnia: psychological symptoms, 55% experienced feelings of constant tiredness at work. 57% complained of insomnia.
  • One-third (30%) admit they are irritable 'sometimes or often' towards colleagues
  • Some Managers also want to avoid contact with other people (26%)
  • Have difficulty making decisions (21%)
  • 51% of people regarded their work as 'a means to an end',
  • And 24% of people considered their work not to be a source of personal fulfillment.
Benefit of MSK program to the business and its employees :
  • Maximum turnover with minimum staff
  • Good morale best organization culture
  • Free from Conflict and destructive politics
  • Positive work culture &Best conflict less communication
  • Low absenteeism with Best performance
  • Working with team to meet goals
  • Stress and disease free psycho physic fitness