MSK for Corporate Wellness

Personal skill fitness & therapy for corporate employee :

From student to professional & younger to elder have conscious mind conflict regards their Skill Complex it stimulate persistent feeling of being inferior to others or superior the others in some way. Following skill complex connected with the low productivity and performance.

  • Language complex (39.2%),
  • Qualification complex (37.1%),
  • Personality complex (24.6%),
  • Narrative complex (23.4%),
  • Good-person or bad person complex (21.4%),
  • Appearance or personal image complex (21.1%)
  • An obsession thought with working well (33.8%),
  • The competitive environment feeling (18.8%),
  • Necessity to succeed or self stress (14.5%),
  • Wanting to have a skill (12%) -followed by other reasons.
  • Contributes to the only less competitiveness (24.2%),
  • Person-to-person negative relationships in the workplace (19.8%),
  • Greater competition in the workplace (5.3%)
  • Diverse social activities (22.4%)

MSK training identifies and eliminates the skill complex and also helps to live with wellness.