Geriatric care & wellness services

Geriatric care is Psychological and sociological wellness development program to the elders and others improve their quality of life, and maintain their independence for as long as possible. (Geriatric care Also known as "Elder care", "senior health care“ and "professional care") Geriatric care wellness consultancy : entails working with old age persons and their families in managing, rendering and helping with various types of personal health and social reality management approach.

Geriatric care service : with Mind Lab Analysisincluding personal behaviour, thinking pattern, life script analysis, family dynamics, social behavior, spouse relationship, children issues, child or spouseseparation distress, Empty Nest Syndrome, past and present life crisis, assessments to identify needs and problems, financial and family loss, memory impairment. Stress level analysis,

Geriatric sociological and psychological behavioral issues :
  • Self-doubt or doubt the others or their own family members
  • Hypochondria –always feeling as affected sever disease
  • Sleeplessness (or) feeling as not sleeping or night crying,
  • Over talking or talking only past or future or fear to stay alone,
  • Fight with neighbors or own children or relatives, headache, fear about heart attack,
  • Fear, anxiety, scolding, self-talking, eating disorder, over walking, hyper hygiene or hypo hygiene,
  • Living in imaginative world, mood swing, over care about them and their child,
  • Frequent memory loss, quit from home, always willing to outside or in side,
  • Over social interaction or hiding themselves lonely, fear walk or talk, anger,
  • Always fault finding, not accepting fact or over fear of death,
  • Excepting more money or missing money or suspicioning others or not allowing other inside of home,
  • Moregenerous or less generous, frequently fainting
  • Always watching tv or game or phone,
Geriatric care Wellness program :

Mindset knowledge multi therapeutic approach to live happy with healthy with direct consultancy or Online or direct home visit
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