MSK Gym for IQ & Memory

Memory skill knowledge (MSK) development therapy for Student :

1 in 10 students have working memory (WM) problems& also 1 in 5 students have learning difficulty even at collage level. Lack working memory (WM) is inability to store and manipulate information. Recent study shows that the cognitive and behavioral characteristics of school or college students who have been identified very low working memory (WM) scores.

MSK IQ Gym -Personalized Training Program to all ages without age limit
  • Train memory and attention
  • Therapy based personalized training program
  • Track the learning process to progress
  • Concentration runaway unconsciously while listening (or) reading, writing.
  • Even though studied well but cannot able recall, rewrite at test or exam...
  • Day by day lack of interest to go collage/school OR very lazy.
  • Securing low grade or low marks even though attending special class, tuition.
  • Unknown feelings always preoccupied in the mind.
  • Feel discomfort while facing, friends, neighbors, family members , schools, etc
  • Frequent anxiety, fear, vomiting sensation, fever, headache, worry, frustration, depression, anger, tension, at exam time (or) normal days while start to school.
  • Frequent upset while taking the books OR able to sit at one place only 30 mints.
  • Cannot able to participate at class, friends /groups/stage or always moody
  • Feeling due to the loss of true friends /neighbors /family members.
  • Self punishing behavior for failure or beating himself.
  • Reason finding ATTITUDE to escape from the responsibility
  • Unconscious nail baiting, thump sucking, masturbation.
  • Peculiar behavior at girls and boys also slow reading, feeling pain while writing
  • Peeping behavior while others dressing and bathing
  • Techno pathologies. Excessive media immersion, Addiction on TV, games, over play, cell phone, computer, chattering with friends over sleeping, shyness, laziness, postponement, over stress, adjustment problems
  • Hyper-Reality Behavior - Unconsciously always dream, depressed look, aggressive, unknown feelings always preoccupied in the mind, resisting to job.
  • Stealing the others things also disturbing the others for their own fault.
  • Mentally willing to study but physically cannot able to study
  • Cannot able to overcome adolescent crises, opposites sex attractions, love affair Special remedial therapeutic training for learning disability student.
  • Drawing or painting or scribing on the paper /book/ bathroom wall
  • Every day, home work turns into a teary-eyed, hair-pulling, paper-tearing tug of war
  • Having trouble sitting still in class.
MSK IQ Gym Benefit :

MSK Mind Work Out designed to increase a person's cognitive functions -such as :

  • processing information more quickly and effectively 
  • improved decision-making processes - increasing IQ
  • performing multiple tasks simultaneously (multi-tasking)
  • retrieving and acting on information more quickly and efficiently
  • learning new information more easily
  • Increasing the power of attention, concentration and awareness.  
  • reducing anxiety -being able to concentrate in the presence of distractions
  • developing faster physical reflexes and sharper visual discrimination
  • Processing and Cognitive Enhancement (PACE)