International Learning

International Learning is unique methodology based on Mind set knowledge cognitive approach.

Today all students forced to adapt repetitive conventional study and rote memory only by classroom based.

As per resent research Psychologists proved that the average students forget 82% of what they study . . . in the first 24 hours! And also cannot remember even one-fifth of what you just studied.

And it gets worse: after one month, cannot remember even 5%. At most

This is because of repetitive study and rote memory

But, International learning program is based on cognitive learning and working memory with Crystallized Fluid intelligence approach to improve the individual mind process.

Medical Definition of INTELLIGENCE: 1. (a): the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations,( b): the ability to apply knowledge to manipulate one's environment or to think abstractly measured by objective criteria (as tests). 2. Mental acuteness

"Cradle to corporate” approach to solving learning problems that encompass all elements of the learning process and life.

Individualized Learning Development consultancy program Edition :
  • Basic learning
  • Remedial learning
  • Development learning
  • Corporate learning
  • Professional learning
  • International learning
School Edition :
  • School Edition (State board) primary, Elementary, high school & higher secondary
  • School Edition (Central board) All levels
  • School Edition (International) All levels
Collage Edition :
  • Arts & polytechnic students
  • Engineering Professional students
  • Medical professional students
Competitative Exam Edition :
  • Indian Civil Services –IAS, IPS, IES….ETC
  • Charted Accountant (CA)...ETC
  • Engineering & Medical Entrance exam
Special learning therapy for :
  • Mathematical disorder - Mathematical numeric ability development
  • Theoretical disorder- non- numeric ability development
Corporate Hyper Fitness Behaviour Development :
  • Image & personal branding
  • Drama therapy
  • Voice culture development
  • Presentation representation delegation
  • Body language
  • Learner Mind Partnership program

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