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Working memory (WM) is a cognitive structure, which impacts attention, IQ, executive function (EFs), task-switching, inhibitory control, real-time performance. This is subject to the principle of Brain Neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity defines the brain’s ability to change and modify neuron activity and connections in reaction to increased learning demand.

Brain functions can be improved by Neuropsychology.

Neuropsychology meaning it can be improved with exercise, capacity and duration.

Working memory (WM) is Life Survival support system from school to corporate for cognitive development, such as learning, leading, reading, comprehension, writing, reasoning, resolving, making and managing etc…from Educational scoring(S) to Corporate performance scoring(C).

Cognitive structures and processes include those of sensation, perception, thinking, learning, memory, attention, imagination, conceptualization, language, and reasoning and problem solving.

Our special Mind Set Knowledge (MSK) Neuropsychological therapeutic exercise can help to improve the capacity and function of the Brain also to reactivate the working memory (wm)

Working memory dysfunction creates following behavior to the students :
  • Working Memory (A) - deficit may have difficulty remembering information learned in words or listened .E.g. instructions, lectures and reading. Information of particular difficulty may include lists of facts and rules such as those in primary & secondary language grammar, scientific term spelling, chemistry, physics and biology E.g. instructions, lectures and reading. A student facing difficulty with mathematical tables, geometric figures and/or algebraic formulas Mathematical anxiety, lack of Arithmetic skill.
  • working Memory (V) - deficits may have difficulty with mathematical tables, geometric figures and/or algebraic formulas. Spelling and writing may be difficult if the student spells primarily by remembering the shape of a word rather than its sound. A student with a deficit in processing/perceptual organization may have difficulty with reading, writing, and mathematics due to inaccurate processing of the shapes of letters and numbers, also
  • Difficulty following and presenting multi-step directions, writing problem
  • A need to re-read text before test or exam
  • Difficulty staying engaged in class or reading or home work
  • Test anxiety, Exam fear, fever, anger, especially on frequent tests
  • A need for more time and repetition OR forgetting at exam hall
  • Inconsistent educational performance but interested to play/TV/GAME
  • Lack of focus and attention deficit disorders or not willing to school/collage
  • Spelling difficulty and also difficulty in recalling engineering, medical, historical years, geographical information, charts graphs, map, diagrams, tables, schematics, sign, languages, and movement sequences (e.g. dance and martial arts).

MIND SET KNOWLODGE (MSK) Working Memory Program can help to improve the capacity and function reactivate the Working Memory (wm) Learning /Sensory/ Perceptual/ Motor/ Attention/Concentration/ Visual/Spatial/ Language/ Numerical/ Non-numerical , IQ, Executive Function (EFs), Task-switching, Inhibitory control, Real-time Performance and socio-economic emotional management.

Working memory is critical for focusing, appropriately shutting out distractions, and for thinking. Improved working memory capacity generalizes to improved attention, and impulse control.

Children – Our Research and clinical data show improved grades following MSK program. Parents and teachers also report improved social skills, taking initiative, motor activity co- ordination, remembering instructions, and completing assignments more independently. The objective is better academic results, particularly in reading, comprehension, presenting the math and science...

Adults – By MSK working memory program, adult can able to stay focused, ignore distractions, free from adolescent crises, plan next steps, remember instructions, and start and finish tasks. The objective is better professional

Corporate - Neuroscientists have called working memory (WM) the brain’s search engine because it is what allows us to locate and retrieve information at a moment’s notice. A strong working memory empowers a professional to perform well under pressure, remain organized, and prioritize activities. Professionals with strong working memory capacities are efficient with their time and well equipped to multi-task. Research now indicates that working memory can be substantially and lastingly strengthened by training, to improve professional performance.

  • Target management to Keep project track on time
  • Resolving Problem at Making plans and handling
  • Make sure to finish project on time
  • Speed up Multitask activity & adjust with others
  • Managing Conflict in Apply previously learned information to solve problems
  • Activate skill Analyzing the ideas multiple way to find fault
  • Assertive approach willing to get help or more information from others when it is needed

Life is the result of mind process and mind function.

You cant remember what you read, but You can Remember More of What You Learn

-MSK @Mind Set Knowledge

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