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"The mind is an energy field, mind contain knowledge that transcends the physical brain.” to win in life.

MSK Mind Brain Based Speech (MBBS) learning program
MSK is unique Non-Traditional Grammar Tutorial System

English speak king Brain Behaviour Communication is Mind Brain Based Speech (MBBS) learning program based on over 15 years of mind set knowledge (MSK) research, designed for students, corporate people, education institutions, English language learning centers.

MSK MBBS Program develops the cognitive skills that enhance learning. Language is a that truly makes us human. Our program is unique non -traditional grammar tutorial system. So student can speak and learn the language without grammar aversion.

In resent research shows, the most common type of difficulties with language learning skills and speech disorder that affect 80% of children’s, includes collage, corporate peoples. Inability to receive and process the information, it create the learning disorder.
Learning disorders affect the brain’s ability to receive and process information

MSK Mind Brain Based Speech (MBBS) learning system help to develop reading skills such as phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, decoding, universal grammar, and other skills necessary to speak& write. Our special MSK therapy stimulates the attention to the oral discourse. This will helps maintains and understanding what is heard.

BBC Brain Behaviour Communication program make you as English Speak King
MBBS Learning studio workout System :

First Edition –Basic (English reading & Writing) - one month program
Second Edition –Bachelor (English Speaking) – Two month program
Third edition –corporate communication –2 month program
Daily work out Time slot: 2hrs, 3hr, 4hrs, 6hrs, weekend –based on convenient

Special MSK clinical speech Therapy for English attitudinal and behaviour problem: :

Anglo phobia, stammering ,Shyness and shame, Prejudice and Closed mind, Fear of syntax and vocabulary, Sudden demand for speaking, Emotional Interference, Fear of failure and Working memory are evaluated as one of major problem

Anglo Phobia :

Anglo Phobia is a kind of Psychological aversion towards English and grammar. Those who have Anglo Phobia dislike speaking in English. They show reluctance to listen when others speak in English. A majority of the candidate expressed this type of attitude. It can be consider as one of the learning disabilities and attitudinal problem of English language learners

Diffidence and shame :

Language learners are afraid to speak in the target language they fear that they might go wrong and make mistakes. It is observed that more Boys and girls suffer from diffidence and shame to speak in English. Shyness and feeling a shame to learn a language is main barriers to learn language effectively. Students are thinking that committing mistake is like a transgression and take it as a prestige issue.

Special Feature :
  • MSK Individual English Mind Set Knowledge Analysis &Clinical Therapy
  • Msk Academy Alumni English club activity
  • Msk short film studio
  • Voice culture Audiometric & Video metric analysis
  • Corporate Dress Coding image management
  • Placement assistance for Successful candidate

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As demand for Communication skills training & Professionals in India continues to rise, given India's pre-eminent position as the global off-shoring / outsourcing destination. Moreover, as more and more MNC’s pouring in India & companies within the country, including those in the public sector, look to optimize their business process, the demand for qualified Individual with Good English Communication Skills will be unabated in the foreseeable future.

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