MSK for Soft Skill

Soft skills are personal attributes that describe an individual's ability to interact with others. Soft skills, also known as people skills, complement hard skills to enhance an individual's relationships, job performance and career prospects. Soft skills are often described in terms of personality traits, such as optimism, integrity and a sense of humor. These skills are also defined by abilities that can be practiced, such as leadership, empathy, communication and sociability.

Communication Skills :

Verbal Communication, Body Language, Physical Communication, Communication, Listening, Presentation Skills, Public Speaking Interviewing

Leadership :

Team Building Strategic Planning, Delegation, Dispute Resolution , Giving Feedback Managing Difficult Conversations, Decision Making, Performance Management . Supervising, Manager Management, Talent Management, Managing Remote Teams. Managing Virtual Teams, Crisis Management

Influencing :

Facilitation, Selling, Inspiring Persuasion, Negotiation, Motivating Collaborating

Interpersonal Skills :

Networking Interpersonal Relationships Dealing with Difficult People Conflict Resolution Personal Branding, Dealing Office Politics

Personal Skills :

Intelligence, Self Awareness, Emotion Management, Stress Management, Tolerance of Change and Uncertainty, Taking Criticism, Self Confidence, Adaptability ,Resilience, Assertiveness ,Competitiveness, Self Leadership , Work-Life Balance, Friendliness Enthusiasm, Empathy

Creativity :

Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Innovation ,Trouble shooting, Design Sense, Artistic Sense

Professional Skills :

Organization, Planning, Scheduling ,Time Management ,Meeting Management, Technology Trend Awareness, Business Trend Awareness, Research ,Business ,Etiquette, Business Ethics, Diversity, Awareness, Intercultural Competence, Process Improvement Knowledge Management, Writing Reports and Proposals, Customer Service, Entrepreneurial Thinking

Teamwork :

Inter-team co-operation, Intra-team co-operation, Productivity, Goal setting and action

Decision Making and Problem Solving :

Decision Making and Problem Solving